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Northern Quarter

Gooey Bakery & Café


If you’re a fan of brunch and baked goods but it just has to be Instagrammable, Gooey Bakery & Café should be top of the list.

Few brands in Manchester have reached cult status quite as fast as Gooey. And unlike a couple of similar lockdown-born projects in this town that have struggled to keep hold of precious square footage as well as maintain the hype, Gooey’s simple but very effective offering has lasted the test of time.

Bread and pastries are made in-house at Gooey and Head Chef, Romin and Head Baker, Daniel have worked closely together to create a menu that fits the brand beautifully.

Japanese sando-style breakfast sandwiches are served on fluffy shokupan bread. Bacon is black pepper-cured, the soft-boiled eggs are sunshine golden Burford Browns and even the red and brown sauce is house-made.

Also available are cold-pressed juices, coffee roasted by Dead Good Coffee and super-thick hot chocolate topped with a lump of Gooey marshmallow. Only the best – Yorkshire Tea is the brewer of choice for the Gooey clan, and you’ll find a “fancy schmancy” drinks section with an iced strawberry and vanilla matcha latte and watermelon iced tea.

Of course, you can also pick up Gooey’s famous cookies, doughnuts and pastries at the walk-up counter which is all housed in the Northern Quarter’s famous former Cat Cafe.

103 High Street, Manchester, UK
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