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Hot Chocolate at Knoops Manchester
Hot Chocolate at Knoops Manchester
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Manchester City Centre

Knoops Manchester


Knoops Manchester is a chocoholic’s dream. Rather than just ordering a hot chocolate, choose the percentage, the origin and the milk for your perfect blend.

You could be drinking a white chocolate 28% cocoa blend with whole milk and marshmallows or a 66% Mexican single origin dark chocolate with oat milk, ginger and pink pepper.

It all adds up to a lot of decision making. The iced chocolates and milkshakes are similarly bespoke. A world away from instant powder.

Knoops comes from founder Jens Knoop’s chocolate drinking childhood in rural Germany and there is a sort of Hansel and Gretel magic to it, although the appearance is a bit more chocolate pharmacy than fairytale fun.

The witchcraft is all in the taste.

Knoops, 68 Cross Street, Manchester M2 4JQ, UK
Tel: 0333 360 0608 knoops.co.uk/pages/location-page-manchester
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