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The Anatolian Grill restaurant in Prestwich, Greater Manchester, at night.
The Anatolian Grill restaurant in Prestwich, Greater Manchester, at night.
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Anatolian Grill

Restaurant - Mediterranean

This modern Turkish restaurant and wine bar promises “a rich tapestry of tastes”, and the selection of hot and cold mezzes, grilled meats and fish, and slow-cooked casseroles is vast. Chef-patron Duran Selvi uses traditional techniques and the freshest ingredients to create the authentic regional and national dishes.

Where east meets west, Turkey is a cultural melting pot, and the cooking pot itself is no exception. A descendant of Anatolian cuisine, inspired by neighbouring Central Asia, the Middle East and the Balkans, Turkish food also draws on the country’s own regions, from the Aegean to the Black Sea. For the former, think along the lines of vegetarian small plates the likes of hummus, baba ghanoush aubergine dip, falafels and muska borek feta cheese filo triangles; for the latter, lots of fish, such as marinated sea bass fillet and prime halibut steak. Also from the grill, there’s a choice of steaks and thyme-infused pirzola lamb cutlets or succulent pilic chicken breast, while the oven offers up popular musakka bake, various guvec casseroles and tender lamb shank. From the south east hail kebabs – lamb kofte, chicken shish and homemade donner are all on the menu – as well as Turkish desserts, such as sticky baklava and pistachio kadayif.

Fancy a tipple? Opt for the Mezze9, matching wines to the different dishes and claiming to be “the first Turkish wine boutique”, or try something from the list of raki, Turkey’s national drink not unlike ouzo or pastis, here served in bespoke ice bowls. For cocktails and mocktails, think sweet numbers like the Turkish Delight Martini special and fruity flavours like the house Anatolian Breeze.

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459 Bury New Road, Prestwich, Manchester M25 1AF, UK
Tel: 0161 773 6564 www.anatoliangrill.co.uk
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