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Cooking with fire at Gustum, a Turkish restaurant in Liverpool.
Cooking with fire at Gustum, a Turkish restaurant in Liverpool.
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Restaurant - Mediterranean

Back before American barbecue joints became all the rage, your best bet for charcoal-seared meat on a stick was a Turkish restaurant, such as Gustum on Rose Lane. For many folks, the Turkish version is superior – it’s a simpler, healthier approach than the sticky, sauce-drenched US barbecue. 

The barbecue zone is definitely your main reason for visiting Gustum, although their mezze, such as smoked aubergine with tahini and garlic yoghurt, is a pleasant way to start your feast.

For mains, the ‘charcoal special’ featuring five different types of kebab is a good-value choice. As well as the numerous charcoaled lamb and chicken dishes, Gustum offers fresh fish done on the grill and vegetarian kebabs. Slow-cooked Turkish stews, moussaka and baked aubergine stuffed with minced lamb, are non-barbecue options.

Less attention has been paid to the dessert menu but that’s not why you’re here anyway. Huge portions of seared meat and herby rice mean you’ll only have room for ice cream anyway.

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Gustum Bar & Restaurant, Rose Lane, Liverpool, UK
Tel: 0151 724 6439 www.gustumbarandrestaurant.com
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