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Manchester City Centre

Bird Of Prey

Restaurant - American

If you “understand and appreciate the awesomeness of a properly fried bird”, this is the place for you – and if you’re not a fan of the finger-licking chicken thing, this is likely not somewhere you’ll be winging your way towards, er, be clucking up anytime soon, er, coming home to roost.

Strips, wings and sarnies are the three main choices here, all featuring a secret buttermilk recipe, overnight marinating and a double dredge in specially seasoned house flour. The eponymous Bird Of Prey is the highest in the sandwich pecking order, with “awesome sauce”, turkey bacon, white Alabama BBQ sauce, pink pickled onions, American cheese, pickles and lettuce. Lowest in the pecking order is The Tribute, simple with its garlic mayo, pickles and lettuce. In between, options include blue cheese and buffalo sauces (Buffalo Soldier, natch), and Insanity hot sauce and jalapeno relish (DAMN! Hot Bird – really?). Under “flightless birds”, you’ll find two non-chicken options, so – hey – scratch what we said earlier. The Clone incorporates a non-specified plant-based patty with pink pickled onions, Sriracha mayo, pickles and lettuce in a bun; The Halloumi One (oh, so we’re still doing that) matches your favourite salty cheese, deep fried, with honey butter, grilled onions, garlic mayo, pickles and lettuce. Wings come in sets of five, 10 or 15, and four flavour combinations; strips are the dippy version of the signature fried chicken, served with your choice of two from the sauce selection. Sides include mac’n’cheese with “crispy fried onion ‘crack’ topping” (whaaatever) and cauliflower “bits” tossed in Frank’s Buffalo Sauce, and there are meal options for the kids, sorry, MVPs (Most Valuable Players).

Soft drinks and shakes are your choices for chasing down the chicken, and we hear that a breakfast menu featuring waffles and other brunch favourites will be served at the weekend.

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Oxford Road, Manchester M1 7DF, UK
Tel: 0161 523 8825 thebirdofprey.co.uk
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