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Burgers, sharing platter, fries, brewski Chorlton
Burgers, sharing platter, fries, brewski Chorlton
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Restaurant - American

The clue is in the name – Brewski is as much about the beers as it is the food. It’s a convivial, family-friendly bar with a good beer garden on Chorlton’s busy Wilbraham Road.

Brewski specialises in poutines – the classic Canadian dish. It’s cheap as chips and it is, literally, chips. It’s a perfect snack for mopping up a few beers.

The traditional take is fries with gravy and cheese curds but Brewski also serve up all sorts of pimped up poutines too. Expect options like pulled pork – all the simple pleasures of the original plus mezcal BBQ, blue cheese sauce and crispy onions, plus pulled pork of course. Vegans get a good look in with examples like the cauli poutine topped with vegan versions of the classic plus buffalo sauce, spring onions and fried cauliflower packing a real punch.

Brewski also does a whole host of burritos and quesadillas if poutine isn’t your thing and some tempting North American puds and shakes, all peanut butter, jelly and apple pie.

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