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Bundobust Liverpool

Restaurant - Indian subcontinent

Bundobust Liverpool followed hot on the heels of its successful siblings in Leeds and then Manchester, bringing street food Indian style together with curated craft beers in a colour-clashing canteen setting for a new – and meat-free – take on ordering a curry.

Keeping costs down, while hopefully not costing the Earth, everything comes in compostable cardboard containers, meaning you can bung on a lid and take home anything you don’t manage to finish. This might well be the case if you and your gang go for the Bundo Combo, which includes every dish on the menu and reckons to feed six.

The entry level combo meets the needs of two and is perfect if you’re unsure what to choose or just terrible at making decisions. This includes onion, kale and broccoli bhajis, tarka dhal lentils and basmati rice, chickpea and spinach chole saag served with puffed-up puri bread, barbecued paneer tikka and house speciality Bundo Chaat: layers of samosa pastry, chickpea, potato, onion, sev and chilli sauce.

There’s also smacked khakri cucumber quick-pickle designed to cleanse the palate between the different dishes. For the same price, there’s a fully vegan version, which gives you the chance to try six “plates”, including the famous okra fries along with bhel puri, a classic Mumbai street snack of broken samosa pastry and puffed rice, plus the raghda pethis – a kind of spiced mushy peas the menu calls: “North England meets India!”

If this all sounds too much, there’s the vada pav veggie burger (also available as vegan), a deep-fried mashed potato ball in a bun, with red and green chutneys, and fried green chilli, which you’re advised to eat at your own risk.

For dessert, think Indian ice cream kulfi; for drinks, think special keg offers from Kirkstall and Northern Monk, rotating cask ales from local breweries, old world wines and cocktails, mocktails, mango lassi and chai.

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