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Indian Tiffin Room Liverpool

Restaurant - Indian subcontinent

Indian Tiffin Room, the successful North West independent, has brought its authentic street food flavours to Liverpool.

The Duke Street restaurant offers small plates like vada pav, bhel puri and crispy Malabar fish fry as well as mains like dhaba style chicken, an Indian roadside special that is a definite step up from Little Chef.

Where Indian Tiffin Room Liverpool really comes into its own is with the South Indian tiffin dishes like majestic dosas and uttapam.

There are plenty of meat dishes like chilli chicken and lamb chukka served with mint paratha but the real focus is on the vegetarian food. There are so many tastes, textures and sheer joy made from okra, tamarind, cauliflower, chillies, paneer and more.

It’s relaxed and casual but with some smart cocktails to match the food.

Pani Puri at Indian Tiffin Room First Street
Batura at Indian Tiffin Room First Street
Food at Indian Tiffin Room First Street
Food at Indian Tiffin Room First Street
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