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Manchester City Centre

Delhi House Cafe | Corn Exchange

Restaurant - Indian subcontinent

This slick 2020 addition to the Corn Exchange is determined to do something different to other contemporary Indian restaurants. And it largely succeeds, bringing flair and originality to the well-worn territory of street food and small plates.

Its owners, the Lamba family, are well versed in Delhi’s current food scene, where experimentation and fusion dishes are in vogue. So although the menu may look gimmicky on first glance, these bright, eclectic dishes are more authentic than you’d think. Expect curveball creations such as masala chicken scotch eggs and avocado aloo chaat alongside the more traditional curries and grills.

Portion sizes for mains aren’t huge so add sides or small plates. And don’t neglect the desserts – there’s some real show-stoppers for those who aren’t afraid to be adventurous.

Find Delhi House Cafe at the Fennel Street entrance to The Corn Exchange.

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