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Freshly-baked croissants at Delifonseca Dockside in Liverpool
Freshly-baked croissants at Delifonseca Dockside in Liverpool
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Delifonseca Dockside

Restaurant - European

The award-winning Delifonseca Dockside has a loyal following thanks to its irresistible victuals from the UK and beyond.

It’s a mecca for food lovers, comprising a restaurant and a food hall and deli. Handmade in Liverpool, the pasta and sourdough are a draw while eat-in options enable guests to munch away on balanced yet original dishes, seemingly cooked with a genuine passion for flavour.

Eat-in choices at Delifonseca could include a traditional handmade raised crust pie with homemade piccailli, and a huge range of sandwiches, salads and deli platters while mains at Fonseca’s could include a halloumi burger with carrot ‘bacon’, chipotle mayo, slow braised pork or gourmet sausage and mash.

Desserts like chocolate and cinnamon mousse with a fig jam and almond biscuit keep the palate fresh. Drink the reasonable house wine or choose a bottle from the deli (plus corkage).

The breakfasts have a great reputation too with everything from hefty Docker’s fry-ups to eggs florentine. Portions are generous so start your day at Delifonseca and you’ll be set.

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