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Tapas dishes at Evuna Knutsford
Tapas dishes at Evuna Knutsford
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Evuna Knutsford


Evuna Knutsford brings together playful Spanish tapas dishes and an excellent wine offering. You can nibble on salted almonds and olives at the bar with a glass of fino in front of you or enjoy a date in one of the cosy booths with a beautiful bottle of red and some tapas to share.

The food focuses on traditional Spanish specialities with typical dishes including pan Catalan (a tomato bread), tortilla, Andalusian calamares and chicken in paprika sauce.

With its relaxed feel and stunning secret garden, it’s ideal for summer snacks and sangria. Inside there’s a lively atmosphere – it’s well set up for big gatherings with a choice of group menus to help events and parties run smoothly.

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