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Manchester City Centre

Fenix Restaurant and Bar

Restaurant - Mediterranean

Fenix is a simple, rustic Greek restaurant as re-imagined by World of Interiors. The palette of creams and neutral stones is minimalist and sophisticated. It’s rather pared back considering Fenix is from the team behind Tattu but still a sense of opulence prevails.

The menu of Greek and Mediterranean food mixes modern techniques and presentation with traditional flavours: lamb, rosemary, oregano, salty feta, fresh tomato. You get a real sense of love for the food culture of this part of the world. Both the Executive Head Chef and the Head Chef are Greek and their knowledge of ingredients shows.

Unless you live a sybaritic life of luxury 365 days a year, Fenix is not going to remind you of your last holiday to Greece. It’s far too refined to capture sea air and simple pleasures. However, it will impress you with re-imagined Greek classics and contemporary flair.

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