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Mei Dim Restaurant Manchester China Town
Mei Dim Restaurant Manchester China Town
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Chinatown (Manchester)

Mei Dim

Restaurant - Chinese

Mei Dim by name, dim sum by nature. If it’s the Cantonese version of small plates you’re after, look no further than this basement Chinatown establishment, where bite-sized brunch or lunch dishes in the form of dumplings and buns are proclaimed the best in Manchester.

Bypass the regular menu, adequate takeaway-style fayre though it is, and ask to see the list of dim sum. These come in threes, so factor that in when you’re ordering, and are served with dipping sauces. Har gow shrimp dumplings are a popular choice with a springy dough and vibrant ginger-laced accompaniment, while crisp-fried prawn balls come with mayo, then there’s the cheung fun rice noodle rolls with a smoky, sweetish edge, hoisin-sticky steamed pork buns, honeycomb or blanket beef tripe, baked char siu pastries and even puddings, from mango cream to butter sponge… the Mei Dim choice is plentiful.

Cheap as chow mein, the food is filling and flavoursome, even if the surroundings are somewhat functional and the service brisk, with payment directly at the cash desk. It all helps the turnover: tables are much sought-after and the queue can be long, particularly at lunchtimes.

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45-47 Faulkner Street, Manchester, UK
Tel: 0161 236 6868 Our review Read 15/20
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