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Greater Manchester


Restaurant - American

Gorilla is tucked under a railway arch, it has a slightly industrial vibe but it’s comfortable for all that. The cocktails are good and good value too – Gorilla is as much a bar as it is a restaurant.

The menu is predominantly American with burgers, hot dogs and tacos making up the majority of dishes, followed up with things like a reuben bagel or steak frites. This isn’t your regular bar with a restaurant attached, Chef Aaron Lee Tran (who is also the brains behind fried chicken marvel South Manny Flavaz) and his team are big on quality, and the passion behind each dish is clear to see.

The menu is also more interesting than it sounds with a few global touches keeping things interesting – you might find a Korean twist or Indian spicing in your burger. Vegans and veggies will be happy too with plenty of good stuff on the menu to choose from.

Gorilla is known for its brunches too – it causes hangovers then cures them the next day. Tuck in to classic fry-ups, eggs this way and that or fried chicken and waffles with bacon and tabasco maple syrup.

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