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Nell's Pizza at Common, Northern Quarter
Nell's Pizza at Common, Northern Quarter
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Northern Quarter



One of the Northern Quarter’s original hipster hangouts, Common has been at its Edge Street address for 16 years. It spearheaded the booths and booze with bright colours and bold murals trend, and still looks fresh and current. The drinks menu has always been easy to navigate and carefully curated, and food now comes courtesy Nell’s Pizza.

NYC-inspired slices are available for the small of purse snack fan, or full pizzas come in 14 and 22 inches, with half and half an option in the bigger size. Nell’s is a family business operated by husband and wife team Charlotte and Jonny Heyes, who are all about the best produce and baking by hand. Using 100% British organic flour, Nell’s dough is slow-fermented to allow for a perfect combination of lightness but strength for folding.

Common has 13 beer lines, serving rotating craft beers and signature Common Pale and Common Lager. While they once did natural wines and artisan coffees, the vibe is now more frozen cocktails and novelty shots – the Four Roses bourbon and pickle juice shot is one for the brave.

It’s not the cool, artsy bar that it once was but it’s still as popular as ever thanks to its willingness to move with the times. This part of town is party-central nowadays and Common is still at the heart of it.

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