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Almost Famous Manchester Chicken Burger and Loaded Fries
Almost Famous Manchester Chicken Burger and Loaded Fries
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Manchester City Centre

Almost Famous Great Northern

Restaurant - American

Almost Famous Manchester Great Northern is a local legend. It’s OTT in every way. It’s brash, bold and doesn’t seem to care about pissing people off. None of that attention-grabbing means a thing if the burgers aren’t worth the hype. But they are. You don’t build a legend without a touch of brilliance in your buns as other competitors have found out to their cost. Almost Famous is the original dirty burger guru and it is by far the best.

Take a massive bite and slather yourself in grease, chipotle ketchup and melted cheese – there is no polite way of eating these beauties. On the menu you’ll find silly names like triple nom and crack baby but you don’t need to take burgers seriously, just enjoy. Towers of burger with cheese, chillies, chorizo, Caesar shoestring fries, garlic butter, baconnaise, bleu cheese dressing and Cholula – that’s the crack baby – are as addictive as the name suggests.

The fries are just as daft. Gorgeous chips with everything but the kitchen sink added – the bacon bacon fries are very good but they’re almost a meal in themselves.

It’s all good (not very) clean fun. Where else would you get a burger topped with Monster Munch? And enjoy it.

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