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Kassap Meat House

Restaurant - Mediterranean

Kassap Meat House by name, Kassap Meat House by nature, and meat is most certainly on the menu here, with more steak plates and cuts of lamb than you could shake a spit at. Throw in a healthy dose of Turkish inspiration, and that’s what this Bold Street steakhouse is all about.

Let’s start with that “mouth-watering range of prime fine steak”, then, and Kassap puts grass-fed, Aberdeen Angus, Hereford and British Isles beef centre stage, making sure all steaks are dry aged for a minimum of 28 days and hand cut in house by the master butcher head chef. The butcher’s cuts choices, in fact, include tomahawk, T-bone and ribeye; there’s also sirloin, fillet and a thinly sliced and super-tender Turkish serve called lokum. Twelve-hour slow-cooked boneless beef ribs are another option for the bovine fan, as are flat iron fajita sizzlers and a variety of burgers. Surf’n’turf it up with the addition of grilled octopus or garlic prawns, or go back to back beef and lamb with a mushroom sauce. There are lots of sauces and lots of treatments, including classic Diane or house speciality Kassap, which features tomatoes and a demi-glace sauce. The Turkish influence and cooking techniques are evident in the choice of kebabs and the inclusion of spicy sucuk sausage on the menu, grilled fish dishes such as tuna and calamari, and vegetarian options such as halloumi skewers and feta and spinach borek filo parcels. Small plates and mezze platters are an option, and even salads put in an appearance.

Desserts include Turkey’s super-sweet pistachio and filo pastry baklava, or Kassap’s special kunefe, which comes served with vanilla ice cream and feeds two or three people.

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