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Some of the ales and beers served at football-loving Libero bar in Altrincham
Some of the ales and beers served at football-loving Libero bar in Altrincham
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Starting life as a fun little pop-up, Libero is a football-themed craft ale bar which encourages its customers to don vintage footie shirts and cosy up for a beery, amiable bit of bonding.

It doesn’t get much more niche. Niche and also titch (yes, we know they don’t rhyme), the bar is only 250 square feet. So it’s kind of like inviting your mates round to watch the match at yours. But when the weather’s good, there’s a lovely outdoor area with picnic tables too.

If you’re not a soccer fan, you may be thinking this is not for you, but their range of unusual craft ales could persuade you to whet your whistle here. The likes of Stubborn Mule, Northern Monk and First Chop keep it local, while there are always interesting visitors from further afield to try too.

They sometimes have a night off from the beautiful game for the likes of a Smiths disco or music-themed pub quiz. A quick appraisal of their socials makes it clear that while their shirts may be retro, their politics are thoroughly modern and progressive. Their enthusiastic championing of female and LGBT footballers and an all-round inclusive vibe makes Libero even more worthy of your support.

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Libero, Railway Street, Altrincham, UK
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