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One of the grill dishes served at Macello Meat House in West Derby, Liverpool.
One of the grill dishes served at Macello Meat House in West Derby, Liverpool.
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West Derby

Macello Meat House West Derby

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Macello Meat House West Derby opened between lockdowns in September 2020, following the success of the original Macello Meat House in Childwall. Unlike its pack-em-in predecessor this restaurant was purpose-built from scratch, and the difference hits you as soon as you step inside. It’s a well thought-out, relaxing space with plush furnishings, a mezzanine, and a bar area for pre-dinner drinks.  

The menu is largely the same though: eclectic starters such as grilled octopus and Turkish spring rolls are followed by a very meaty range of mains. The starters get great reviews but it’s the steak which most people come here for. (That and the chance of spotting one of Macello’s Premiership footballer friends.)

Highlights include the lokum – the most tender pieces of a fillet, and a 1kg tomahawk. They’re typically served as simply as possible with new potatoes in a creamy sauce.

It’s a family-friendly place that’s good for a celebration. A kids menu features all the usual favourites, though there’s no vegetarian options for the little ones, and few for the grown-ups too. The clue is in the name with this one.

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Macello Meathouse | West Derby Village, West Derby Village, Liverpool, UK
Tel: 0151 3637 577 macello.co.uk
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