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Sushi at Maki & Ramen in Manchester.
Sushi at Maki & Ramen in Manchester.
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Manchester City Centre

Maki & Ramen


Born in Edinburgh and now in Glasgow and Manchester, Maki & Ramen is a high-quality, quick-eats-style place that easily holds its own amongst the plethora of Japanese restaurants that have opened in the city centre recently.

The first thing you’ll notice is the big drum, which staff bang twice every time a customer walks in. (If that doesn’t put you off nipping outside for a mid-meal vape nothing will.) Once seated you’ve got all the usual Japanese favourites to choose from: gyoza, tempura, bao buns, sushi, yakisoba, katsu curry, and ramen. They’re all decent but go for the grilled nigiri of eel if you want to taste something spectacular or a bowl of the mouth-buzzing, tender steak tataki.

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