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A range of dishes at Mumbai Tiffin Room
A range of dishes at Mumbai Tiffin Room
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Mumbai Tiffin Room

Restaurant - Indian subcontinent

From the outside, Mumbai Tiffin Room looks like any old Indian takeaway on the busy strip of Barlow Moor Road in Chorlton. Even inside, with its shiny black and red bench seating along one wall, it doesn’t look like much of a step up from a bog standard takeaway. However, this place is a gem.

The framed Indian adverts for various bits and bobs on the walls show some thought has gone into the décor but not a lot. Who cares, all the love and effort goes into the food. This place serves up one of the best biriyanis in the North West.

Service is friendly but you couldn’t accuse them of being overstaffed. It is a small operation but the impact of each dish is powerful.

As well as the stellar biriyani, other noteworthy menu items include the samosa chaat and the onion bhaji as well as the dal makhni. None of these dishes are particularly original but they are all executed so well and with a flavour profile and spicing that makes even the standards stand out.

Overall the menu is typical of this current generation of Indian restaurants which eschew rogan josh and chicken tikka masala for vada pav and desi lamb handi, a mix of street food and authentic curry recipes.

It’s a low-key kind of place and the drinks selection is a bit uninspired but it could easily become your new favourite.

Mumbai Tiffin Room, 406 Barlow Moor Rd, Chorlton-cum-Hardy, Manchester M21 8AD, UK
Tel: 0161 881 8111 mumbaitiffinroom.co.uk
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