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New Century

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Opened in the summer of 2022 after a hefty refurb, New Century Hall has been transformed from a tired mid-twentieth century relic into a newfangled music and dining destination in Manchester’s trendy NOMA district.

The downstairs dining room has details harking back to the new century modern style of the ’70s. Wood panelling, stylish booths with low-hanging lighting and a white tiled central bar area. Seating ranges from intimate tables for two, to low leather sofas and bench-style seating making the space ideal for occupancy from morning through to evening.

You might feel sick and tired of Manchester’s foray into foodhalls recently, but you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the style and quality of New Century’s choice.

Tom Lowe, founder of Tallow, slings steak around on the grill with finesse. Just try its version of steak frites and tell us you wouldn’t like to take a dip in the garlic butter. He only works with grass-fed, native breed, 28 day dry aged beef and cuts like the prized ‘hanging tenderloin’ and picanha.

The pizza ovens installed for Wild by Ply in New Century are the only electric ovens to be approved by the True Neapolitan Pizza Association – making the 24-hour proved sourdough pizzas made from Wildfarmed biodynamic flour truly unique. Toppings are seasonal, and you can go vegan too.

Other options include vegan Thai and Vietnamese classics from Manchester locals, Banh Vi and Japanese fusion from Zumuku. Think sushi tacos, poke bowls and omakase sashimi platters.

New Century is truly a self-contained entertainment and dining spot that is a huge asset to Manchester’s food and beverage scene. The bar is full of gig-goers and revellers from the upstairs venue playing host to visiting artists throughout the week, and the cocktails aren’t half bad either.

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