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One of the dishes served at Othello's Greek Restaurant in Liverpool.
One of the dishes served at Othello's Greek Restaurant in Liverpool.
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Restaurant - Mediterranean

Othello’s Greek Restaurant is a local favourite thanks to its reliable Mediterranean food and quick-smart, friendly service. 

With its stage-set Acropolis entrance, leading into a carpeted function room-style restaurant, decor isn’t its strong point. The rave reviews are saved for the generous platefuls of mezze and fresh grilled fish that are turned out by the experienced team in the kitchen. 

Head here for a culinary reminder of summer holidays past. Alongside a substantial seafood menu, Othello’s has all the taverna classics, including keftedes, stiffado, moussaka, and charcoal grill kebabs.

Big groups are welcome: there’s plenty of space and the kitchen isn’t phased by the prospect of a fifty-strong party. A children’s menu makes it a sound option for a family gathering. It’s also wheelchair friendly. 

At the bar, you’ll find the usual beers, wines and spirits including a number of Greek and Cypriot wines and the option of their house cocktail, the Othello El Greco, made with ouzo, filfar, and orange soda.

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Othellos, Gateacre Park Drive, Gateacre, Liverpool, UK
Tel: 0151 280 7700 othellos.co.uk
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