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Proove Pizza

Restaurant - Italian

Proove Pizza has proven itself to be a success which is fortunate because there’s no shortage of eateries slinging out Neapolitan pizzas from their disco ball of a wood-fired oven. It’s up there, flinging around its fior di latte and spreading its San Marzano tomatoes with the best of the authentic slow-proved pizza pack and even if it’s not numero uno, it’s definitely a contender.

The interior is cool and sleek if a little lacking in character but the personality is all in the pizza. The bases are made with 00-grade flour and proved for 20 hours before being transformed into pure pizza pleasure. There’s a fine line between chewy and crisp and for the most part Proove gets it just right, aided no doubt by the blast furnace of a pizza oven in the open kitchen.

Pizzas stick to the usual toppings – nothing too avant garde here but even an Americana can be a revelation when it is made with the best ingredients.

Where Proove stands out from the crowd is in its selection of small plates where you’ll find moreish morsels like arancini, and crocché, which despite being fried still somehow help you work up an appetite. Who knew the Mediterranean diet was so close to the Glaswegian one?

Another big plus is Proove’s vegan menu. It’s not just a cheese switcheroo on some vegetarian options, it’s a whole menu designed by vegans for vegans. This is where the pizzas become more imaginative with seasonally-changing toppings such as artichoke and beetroot with basil oil or spinach, leeks and roasted cauliflower.

The beers are another big draw, including their own Proove Pale. With a location slap bang in the middle of Burton Road, West Didsbury’s beating heart, Proove Pizza is the perfect place to grab a meal with friends when you’re out and about. But with space to park a buggy and colouring in too, it’s also a family-friendly option. All things to all people as long as they like pizza.

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