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Business District (Liverpool)

Tempest on Tithebarn

Restaurant - Global

Tempest on Tithebarn fills your days from early-morning Neighbourhood Coffee and freshly baked pastries, to late-night parties and cocktails. In between, there’s bagels, cakes, brunch and lunch, plus burgers and small plates as the sun goes down.

Eating and drinking is in Tempest’s cafe and the main bar; a light-bathed, plant-filled area available for large table bookings, business lunches, after-work drinks and whatever else you can think of. To the back of the main bar is the library area, which can be booked separately – as can the ground-floor atrium, the roof terrace events space and the “concrete bunker” Kol Box.

Home-made honey and home-grown herbs

At Tempest, they like to keep things as local as possible, with an in-house bakery, a rooftop herb garden, and beehives producing the honey in their food and drinks. “If we can’t grow it or make it,” they say, “we’ll endeavour to source the most local, independent suppliers.”

Breakfasts include meat (Rockefeller), vegetarian (Liberty) and vegan (Empire, or “Earth child goodness”), with homemade vegan sausages plus potato hash, smashed avocado, wilted spinach, sautéed mushroom, cherry tomatoes and baked beans.

Sandwiches are hewn from Tempest’s own bakehouse sourdough – white or wholewheat – or regular or wholewheat bagels, and range from a posh fishfinger butty to a classic BLT. The bakery also supplies the sourdough brioche bun for the various burgers, including beef patties, chicken breast, grilled halloumi and homemade falafel, all served with a pickle ribbon, fresh salad and skin-on shoestring fries.

Small plates and bottomless brunch

Small plates come evening time change regularly, but think the likes of salt and pepper chicken wings, crispy calamari and breaded brie. Desserts also come and go, and might include lemon posset one minute and sticky toffee pudding the next.

Weekends see bottomless brunch, with a vast choice of 11 drinks (including pink lemonade) and an all-day timeframe of until 4pm on Saturdays and 5pm on Sundays. Very civilised.

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