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Inside Viet Guy, a Vietnamese restaurant in Northenden, Greater Manchester.
Inside Viet Guy, a Vietnamese restaurant in Northenden, Greater Manchester.
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Viet Guy Northenden

Restaurant - Vietnamese

Fans of Vietnamese food are advised to travel to Northenden to check out local favourite Viet Guy. This family-run independent is proof that you don’t need a city centre patch and a big marketing budget to create a buzz about your restaurant. Fantastic food, fair prices, and consistency work just as well. 

With a chef-manager who’s spent years working in restaurants in Vietnam, Hong Kong and London, Viet Guy is rated for its authenticity as well as its big flavours. Start with a super-fresh green papaya salad, or the ‘shaking beef’ – a reference to how it’s cooked not how it behaves on your plate. 

Recommended mains include the big bowls of aromatic pho, and the ‘coconut sizzling’ (seared meat, seafood or tofu in a coconut sauce). The bo kho (beef stew flavoured with ginger and lemongrass) is another popular option. 

The chefs’ imagination stretches right through to the desserts with typical options including kem chien (described on the menu as fried ice cream) and mango spring rolls with a coconut sauce. 

For drinks, opt for a Vietnamese beer such as Hai Noi. End with a traditional Vietnamese coffee made with condensed milk and poured over ice.

This is the second Viet Guy – there’s another one in Leeds city centre which gets equally enthusiastic reviews.

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Viet Guy, Palatine Road, Northenden, Wythenshawe, Manchester, UK
Tel: 0161 945 4555 www.vietguyrestaurant.co.uk/index.html


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