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Manchester City Centre

Voodoo Ray’s | Escape to Freight Island

Restaurant - American

NYC-style pizza via LDN. Voodoo Ray’s at Escape to Freight Island is the first opening outside the capital for these sell-‘em-by-the-slice pizza pushers.

They shop Italian for their key ingredients: Caputo flour, San Marzano tomatoes, fior di latte mozzarellas, and they’re stone-baked for a thin, smoky-tasting base. Toppings range from a veggie ‘green velvet’ with artichoke hearts and green olives to a ‘hot mix five’ with pepperoni, jalapeños, and red peppers.

A slice of pizza for not much under a fiver might seem a little steep. But that depends on the size of the slice. Voodoo Ray’s say that if you order two slices of their giant 22” pizza pies, it’s the equivalent of a full 11-incher, so actually it’s pretty fair, if their maths add up. (That’s an equation too far for us to check.)

We can verify, however, that a few slices of their trad margherita make an excellent addition to a night on the ale.

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