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Where to go paddleboarding in Manchester, Liverpool and the North West

2 weeks ago

Paddleboarding or stand-up paddle boarding (SUP) has had a huge surge in popularity over the last few years. So much so that there’s now loads of places for paddleboarding in the North West where you can hire a board and a wetsuit or take your own.

People get into it for loads of reasons (and not least because it’s a lot of fun). It’s great for fitness; balancing and paddling are both excellent for building core strength. And it’s good for your mental health; paddleboarding is like yoga or boxing in that it completely consumes your attention while you’re doing it. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself forgetting about pretty much everything else while you’re out on the water.

Some paddleboarders like to float solo, while others prefer to go as a group in a mini flotilla. Here we’ve listed six places in the North West where you can try it, including easy-to-get-to city spots, and beautiful lakes out in the Cheshire countryside.

  • The aquapark at Alderford Lake

    Alderford Lake


    Alderford Lake is the perfect summer day out. It’s an idyllic location but you won’t be able to sit still and enjoy the birdsong or take in the view; there’s far too much going on.

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  • Open water swimming at Liverpool Watersport Centre.

    Liverpool Watersports Centre


    Nothing shakes up the senses quite like a winter dip in the docks. Head to Mariners Wharf for all-year-round aquatic activities at Liverpool Watersports Centre including open water swimming, stand-up paddleboarding, kayaking, sailing, powerboating, and giant swan pedalo-ing. Go in the warmer months and there’s an Aqua Park too – basically a big inflatable playground in the water. 

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  • Swimming at Manley Mere in Frodsham, Cheshire

    Manley Mere


    This man-made lake used to be a field full of cows until the owners diversified their business model from dairy farming into water sports. Manley Mere is now home to an adventure trail, aqua park, cafe, and sailing centre. Sounds like they made the right decision.

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  • Stand-up paddleboarding at Salford Watersports Centre
    Salford Quays

    Salford Watersports Centre


    Situated at Dock 8, Salford Quays, Salford Watersports Centre aims to make its activities accessible to everyone who wants to dip their toes in the world of watersports. It offers open water swimming (winter and summer), paddleboarding, sailing, kayaking and powerboating.

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  • Paddleboarding at Trafford Watersports Centre, Sale Waterpark

    Trafford Watersports Centre


    Trafford Watersports Centre is the organisation that runs most of the lake-based and land-based activities you’ll see happening at Sale Waterpark.

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  • Paddleboarding at Wild Shore Delamere - one of our recommended places to go paddle boarding in Manchester, LIverpool and the North West

    Wild Shore Delamere


    If you’ve never known the joy of flying over a lake on a rope swing and daring yourself to let go, get it on your bucket list, and then get yourself over to Wild Shore Delamere to tick it off.

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