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Outdoor swimming at Alderford Lake
Outdoor swimming at Alderford Lake
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Alderford Lake


Alderford Lake is the perfect summer day out. It’s an idyllic location but you won’t be able to sit still and enjoy the birdsong or take in the view; there’s far too much going on.

The lake is the main attraction, and within the lake is a giant aquapark. As this isn’t Tenerife, there are wetsuits available for hire. The giant inflatable playground sits in the middle of the lake with slides, things to jump off, things to climb up, over and through, all ending with a big splash in the water.

As well as the aquapark itself, you can go wild swimming, bring your own kayaks, canoes and paddleboards – or hire them out. You can even try aquabiking which is basically a pedal-powered paddleboard. There’s also plenty of practical stuff for hire too like dry bags and flotation vests.

For those who prefer dry land, there’s a roller disco, escape islands (like an escape room but more outdoorsy and in the middle of a lake), an adventure trail through woodland round the lake and a scavenger hunt. There’s also a children’s play area and a weekly Park Run on Saturday mornings.

The activities don’t all run year round so check ahead. Events such as triathlons and AlderFest, the venue’s own summer festival, also affect opening hours.

Food-wise, there’s a very good café and you are welcome to take your own picnics too. There’s also a farm shop where you can buy good local produce to take home.

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