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Canoeing at Trafford Watersports Centre, Sale Waterpark
Canoeing at Trafford Watersports Centre, Sale Waterpark
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Trafford Watersports Centre


Trafford Watersports Centre is the organisation that runs most of the lake-based and land-based activities you’ll see happening at Sale Waterpark. (For outdoor swimming at Sale Waterpark, see our Openswim UK listing).

They do all manner of watersports including paddleboarding, kayaking, sailing, boat hire, and rowing, with one-off activity sessions, good-value courses, and bring your own craft sessions. They’ll provide all the equipment (apart from wetsuits – bring your own) and there’s safety cover at all times.

Paddleboarders can book onto their six-week Paddle Club course (there’s one for kids and one for adults). Or head along to a boat hire session; they run every weekend, bank holiday and school holiday, and let you choose from a stand-up paddle board or various types of canoe and kayak.

If you prefer to stay on dry(ish) land, they also offer bushcraft and orienteering events. With school holiday clubs, birthday parties and weekly This Girl Can sessions, it’s a busy place.

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