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Waterside Leisure Club


If you like your gym to be the kind of place where you can spend an entire day, hopping from class to treadmill to pool to sauna to cafe, Waterside Leisure Club will fit the bill.

It’s an expansive complex on the edge of East Didsbury with a hotel attached, and an impressive, slightly dizzying, range of facilities.

The centrepiece is the full-length pool with its adjoining thermal suite: sauna, jacuzzi, steam room and hydrotherapy pool. But equally impressive are the numerous and spacious gyms. There are separate rooms for cardio, box fit, strength, and functional training, meaning it rarely gets crowded. There is also a ladies-only gym and an outdoor gym. Like we said, it’s big.

Add to that the class studios, a recovery suite with sports massage equipment, and the cafe, and you’ve just-about got the size of the place.

Classes such as spin, pilates, HIIT and loads more are included in your membership and run from early morning, right through the day and into the evening. Swimming lessons are available for babies and children – an adult needs to be a member to access them. Adult swimming lessons are also available.

Waterside only does day passes if you’re a guest of a member. Membership itself isn’t as costly as you might imagine. You certainly get a lot more facilities for your money here than you do at city centre gyms.


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