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The Oasis Splash Area at Grand Central in Stockport.
The Oasis Splash Area at Grand Central in Stockport.
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Stockport Town Centre

Grand Central


Grand Central is a leisure centre in Stockport. It’s best known for its swimming pool but it also has a gym, exercise classes and a few basic spa facilities.

The two tube slides are the main attraction (there’s only a few pools with waterslides in Manchester, the other being Hyde Leisure Pool). You’ll also find inflatables for some sessions, and there’s a shallow splash pool with water jets if you don’t fancy high octane aquatic thrills.

If you’re looking to do some proper swimming rather than splashing around, there’s a 50m Olympic-sized pool. Lessons are available and Stockport Metro Swimming Club are based here too.

Grand Central, Grand Central Square, Wellington Road South, Stockport, SK1 3TA, UK
Tel: 0161 474 7766 www.lifeleisure.net/centre/grand-central
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