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Crowd at Festwich, the tribute band festival
Crowd at Festwich, the tribute band festival
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Festwich is the music festival with all the biggest names, from The Doors to Nirvana. Ok, so they’re not the real thing but it’s as close as you’ll get without a time machine. The emphasis is on fun and ticket prices are a lot more accessible when you’re watching a tribute act.

It has a rock edge but it’s family-friendly too. Think of it as a cross between Reading (and Leeds) Festival on the hardcore day crossed with Stars In Your Eyes.

Rock covers at tribute festival, Festwich

Festwich 2024

After 12 years of theatrics and rock god approximations at St Mary’s Park, Festwich 2024 has moved up the road to the much bigger site of Heaton Park.

In its new home it’ll see over 30 bands across three stages on Saturday 31 August and Sunday 1 September. Saturday’s headliners include AC/DC Experience, Metal Militia (a Metallica tribute), Jilted Generation (a Prodigy tribute), Popestars (a Ghost tribute) and Stiff Bizkit (you can probably work that one out).

Sunday’s biggest names are Fu Fighters, back for another year after a riotous performance in 2023, and Beautiful Trauma Live Pink Experience, The Phonics (obviously not playing in Stereo at this event) and the local Arctic Manckeys.

From Radiohead to Madness, all sorts of acts run through the biggest hits the real bands are too cool to play. It makes Festwich a lot more fun than watching some former legend noodle their way through their experimental thirteenth album instead of playing the tracks that made them a legend in the first place.

And pun of the year goes to Iffy Clyro without a doubt.

See the full line-up here.

Festwich, Heaton Park, Middleton Road, Higher Blackley, M25 2SW, UK
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