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Al Dente


Al Dente is a Mediterranean restaurant with an extensive, far-reaching menu that just about makes sense when you consider the many cuisines found along those shores.

Most dishes are Italian (pasta, pizza, risotto and so on) but there’s also Turkish-style grilled fish and meat dishes that’ll appeal to the more health-conscious. There’s a few options with a French feel, such as their grilled duck with orange brandy sauce, plus a pollo peri peri to bring Portugal into the party.

While a sprawling menu can sometimes result in incoherence on the plate, that’s not the case here. There’s some sound cooking going on behind the scenes so you can go to Al Dente confident that you’ll be well-fed.

With a prime spot on Lark Lane, including an outdoor area, it’s a popular choice for groups. That may also be due to the fact that their gin list is almost as long as their food menu.

It’s definitely one to consider if you’re going out-out with friends, and want your night to revolve around eating as well as drinking.

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  • Good for meat
Al Dente Restaurant & Bar, Lark Lane, Liverpool, UK
Tel: 0151 727 2111 www.aldenterestaurant.co.uk Our review Read 15/20
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