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Poutine, it’s Canada’s answer to our sacred Northern ambrosia: chips and gravy, but with one crucial addition, squeaky cheese curds. Brewski have taken the concept and run with it, adding, for better or worse, adornments such as truffle oil, blue cheese and fried chicken to some of theirs. You have nine varieties to choose from if you wish. Brewski’s menu also features a similarly heterogeneous range of mac n cheese options. On top of that, they do Sunday roasts, gargantuan burgers, burritos and brunch. Oreo pancakes or flat iron steak for brekkie anyone? Ice cream with your fried chicken burger? For sure, comfort food is their thing and they do it well.

Craft beer is also their thing, with 14 rotating taps of the good stuff, including weird and wonderful flavours such as jam doughnut in keeping with the comfort food vibe, and friendly knowledgable staff pouring it. Not to be outdone by the competition, they host a legendary pub quiz, Quizimodo, now with added kazoo round. A friendly troupe of local dogs adds to the ambience.

Brewski Bar, Wilbraham Road, Manchester, UK
Tel: 0161 222 0600


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