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Ah, those awkward encounters when you bump into someone at a party and can’t recall their name or where you know them from. This is how the conversation goes. “Cibus – you remember, stall at Levy Market. No? OK, pop-up pizza place above Fred’s Ale House…”

That’s right, Cibus is back, but now it’s next door to the pub, not in it. Rudy worthy, the pizzas in the old days were worth the traipse up the steep stairs and into a maze of various knocked-through rooms, and they still are – and now they take pride of place alongside a full menu of Italian delights. New Cibus is offering the whole “ristorante, pizzeria, bar, cicchetti” experience and these days you don’t have to go on an expedition to take advantage of it. “Levenshulme’s first Italian restaurant”, as it’s been christened, has a tasty line in fresh meat and fish dishes – think slow-roasted pork belly or seabream fillets with cherry tomatoes and new potatoes.

There’s veal and ox cheeks and even salt cod. There’s plenty for the vegetarian, too, including saffron-infused pea and mushroom arancini rice balls, baked aubergine parmigiana and super-cheesy gnocchi. Mushroom pasta creeps into the pasta section, alongside seafood spaghetti and a dish with chilli and fennel sausage. But it’s the pizzas that will be bringing back the old regulars, and there’s plenty of choice and a lot of interesting Italian ingredients sourced by patron Giorgio and his Sicilian chef, from burrata and friarelli to ‘nduja and scamorza.

There’s also Italian desserts, Italian wines and even Italian lager on tap (and none of that big brand nonsense either). If it’s authentic Italian you’re after, it’s authentic Italian you’ll get.

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847-849 Stockport Road, Manchester M19 3PW, UK
Tel: 0161 278 6304 www.cibuspizza.com Our review Read 16/20
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