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Six views of Oystercatcher - the popular seafood restaurant in Chorlton, Manchester.
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“Doing lots of little things right” is a definition of perfection. And Oystercatcher – a simple seafood restaurant in Chorlton – is just that.

The kitchen’s Inca grill is masterfully handled by co-owner Recep Canliisik, who churns out dishes such as char-grilled whole sea bream, and Tandoori-barbecued monkfish tail.

Dishes come as go as does the tide – but naturally, oysters play a starring role. While perfect puds could include rhubarb brûlée or nutty espresso affogato with hazelnut liqueur.

Quiet sophistication and affordability typify the drinks menu; think negronis, snappy sparkling wines and Portuguese whites among a good selection of classics.

Undeniably casual, this is the kind of place you could easily visit twice a week – and many do.

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  • Good for seafood
  • Great outdoor spot
  • Great wine
Manchester Road, Manchester M21 9PG, UK
Tel: 0161 637 5890 www.theoystercatcher.org Our review Read 14.5/20
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