Royal Nawaab

Indian subcontinent

Ask a local for directions in Levy and there’s a high chance they will use the Nawaab as a reference point. This Pakistani restaurant is housed in a vast, three-storey venue that hosts a continuous stream of ostentatious weddings upstairs and has an immense public dining room downstairs which is often packed to the rafters. Apparently, this well-lubricated machine can comfortably feed more than a thousand people in one evening.

The food is served buffet-style at a set price – less than £20 a head. It’s a bit like eating on a fancy cruise ship with rows of metal cloches filled with steaming hot lamb karahi, chicken jalfrezi and chana masala. There are appetisers too, think chicken wings, samosas, pakoras, masala fish and poppadoms as well as a fresh salad and chutney bar. For dessert, there are Teletubby-coloured ice creams or temple-achingly sweet cakes and halwa. The bar is alcohol-free but suitably extensive and there is also a takeaway menu.


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