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The Font (Chorlton)


While the city centre Font Bar is often typecast as ‘that student place with the really cheap cocktails’, Chorlton Font is like a more sophisticated older sibling who’s just got back from a year or two backpacking around the world. Yes, their Happy Hour is resplendent with two-for-one dayglo cocktails, and they have a dazzling array of beers, but there’s more.

The menu is best described as multicultural, with slightly unexpected ingredients like yams and wild garlic bud. Dishes are inspired by far-flung climes such as The West Indies, North Africa and North East Yorkshire, their fish is sourced from puntastic Grimsby fishmonger Northern Shoal and provides scope for inventive seasonal specials.

This wouldn’t be a bar in Chorlton if it were devoid of a pub quiz, theirs is a weekly affair from the spooneristic ‘Fontum quizzics’ and features a play doh round, naturally. Wholesome activities such as a pottery painting workshop or a declutter for charity event pop up regularly too.

  • Great outdoor spot
The Font, Manchester Road, Manchester, UK
Tel: 0161 8712022


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