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Selection of meat at Axons of Didsbury, a butchers in Manchester
Selection of meat at Axons of Didsbury, a butchers in Manchester
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Axons of Didsbury


Axons of Didsbury is an independent family business, always happy to go the extra mile for their customers.

There’s a great range of organic and locally-sourced meats, from Himalayan salt dry aged beef to huge British lamb leg steaks. As for the sausages, Axons are famed for them. You can even buy veal which is a rarity outside of restaurant menus but ring ahead first to check.

When it comes to barbecue season, there’s always a great selection to brighten up back garden feasts with loads of burgers and different kebabs and kofte, all made by the Axons team.

And if you need any advice about roasting, resting and recipes, then you’re in good hands. The helpful team will happily vac-pack anything you need for freezing and you’ll leave feeling really looked-after. It’s how this old-fashioned butchers keeps its customers coming back. Once an Axons shopper, always an Axons shopper.

Axons of Didsbury, 5 Barlow Moor Rd, Didsbury, Manchester M20 6TN
Tel: 0161 445 1795 butchersmanchester.co.uk
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