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Inside Cheshire Smokehouse, a deli and butchers in Cheshire
Inside Cheshire Smokehouse, a deli and butchers in Cheshire
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The Cheshire Smokehouse


The Cheshire Smokehouse is one of the region’s best places for quality food. It’s just not Christmas round our way without the hickory smoked cashews and some smoked salmon from this award-winning farm shop.

The food here is too good to save for a festive treat. We particularly recommend the smoked duck breasts, the sweet black back bacon and the smoked mackerel. The Cheshire Smokehouse has been smoking and curing for over a hundred years now – its no wonder they’re so good at it.

Not everything is smoked though; The Cheshire Smokehouse has its own butcher, baker and, in place of a candlestick maker, a wine merchant.

You can find top-quality sausages and something special for your Sunday roast as well as breads and an excellent selection of wine and a range of local produce. A word of warning; the bakery products seem to sell out almost immediately so get there early.

Cheshire Smokehouse Limited Vost Farm, Morley Green, Wilmslow, Cheshire, SK9 5NU
Tel: 01625 548 499 cheshiresmokehouse.co.uk
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