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Olives at food-lovers' favourite Barbakan Deli in Chorlton
Olives at food-lovers' favourite Barbakan Deli in Chorlton
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Barbakan Deli


The folks at Barbakan Deli were nose to the grindstone long before Chorlton became a hip coffee culture destination.

With a history that goes back over 50 years, Barbakan is essentially a classic European deli. People come from all over to pick up their house-baked loaves, their massive German Sausages (fnar), their Polish doughnuts and pastries, their Italian antipasti and coffee, their Greek olives, their Spanish hams, their French cheese and so many other European wonders that it might lead a person to the conclusion that Brexit was a really bad idea.

With a large outdoor seating area, you can grab a casual bite to eat and a coffee with mates before filling your hemp-fibre tote bag full of goodies to take home.

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