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Potatoes at Unicorn, an organic grocery in Chorlton
Potatoes at Unicorn, an organic grocery in Chorlton
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Unicorn is a well-loved organic co-operative selling vegan produce. There’s an emphasis on Fairtrade and it does everything it can to source local fruit and vegetables through partnerships with local growers as well as co-operatives on the continent which share its ethos. Unicorn even grows its own food on a site in Cheshire to reduce food miles.

As food shops go, this is as good as it gets, winning the BBC Radio 4 Food and Farming Awards for Best Retailer and The Observer Food Monthly’s Best Independent Retailer.

Everything about the shop looks and feels real. Potatoes are displayed, still dusted in mud, in sacks, alongside information about the different types and their cooking uses whilst all kids are welcome to enjoy a free apple in store. Apple-wise, it’s not just supermarket staples like Pink Lady. You’ll find all sorts of heritage varieties.

As well as the fruit and veg, you can stock up on cupboard staples, bread, deli salads, beer and wine, eco cleaning and sanitary products, and even organic babywear.

Despite the evident quality, Unicorn is excellent value with a chalkboard comparing its prices to major supermarkets. Perhaps surprisingly, it often comes out on top. Value and values.

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