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The poster wall in Afflecks
The poster wall in Afflecks
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Northern Quarter



Afflecks, previously known as Afflecks Palace, is a hip indoor market spread over four floors. Established in 1982, it’s a Manchester institution. Your first visit is a real coming-of-age moment if you’re a teenager from the North West. (Once you’ve climbed Affleck’s poster-plastered stairway, the Arndale Centre suddenly doesn’t seem quite as exciting as it once did.)

If you’re into alternative fashion, indie culture, and quirky home decor, you’ll be in your element here. There’s up to 60 small independent shops trading at any one time, including tattoo artists, cafes, vintage clothing, jewellery, vinyl, crystals, art, CBD, soap, charms, plants. . . .  The word ‘eclectic’ was invented for this place. There’s also a handful of photo booths and murals dotted around in case you fancy snapping a selfie.

Afflecks, Church Street, Manchester, UK
Tel: 0161 839 0718 afflecks.com
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