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The bar at cinema Everyman Manchester St John's
The bar at cinema Everyman Manchester St John's
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Manchester City Centre

Everyman Manchester St John’s


With its red velvet seats, waiter service, and ultra stylish bar and cafe, Everyman Manchester St John’s is a far cry from your local multiplex. This deluxe cinema chain is expanding across the UK and now has two venues in Greater Manchester (the other is in Altrincham). 

The type of films you can see on its three screens include big new releases, documentaries, independents and modern classics. They also show filmed live theatre from the National Theatre Live programme.

In an era where most movies are watched at home, Everyman makes heading out to the cinema worth the effort. Favourite features include the comfy sofa-style seats (no rigid arm rests between you and your companion), the on-point cocktail menu, and the next-level eats such as shrimp and avocado burgers and freshly baked cookie dough. The cinemas themselves are smaller than you might be used to but most people prefer the more intimate feel. 

All this glamour and luxury comes at a cost of course, particularly when you add on food and drink. It’s ideal for a date or a treat – the experience will be memorable even if the film is not.

Everyman Manchester St. John's, Quay Street, Manchester, UK
Tel: 01233 555642 www.everymancinema.com/manchester-st-johns Our review Read 13.5/20
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