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Band on the Wall - an iconic gig venue in Manchester
Band on the Wall - an iconic gig venue in Manchester
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Northern Quarter

Band on the Wall

Music Venues

So called because the performers used to play on a stage situated halfway up the wall, Band on the Wall has been a stalwart of the Manchester music scene for about 200 years.

Once a lively market pub, it was popular during WWII with the visiting servicemen and the factory workers. It became a jazz club in the 1970s, then became known as the place to go to hear the new punk sound, and later, world music.

It’s had two big refurbs in the last 20 years so this illustrious history is matched with modern day, accessible facilities and a cutting-edge sound system. With a crowd capacity of 500, it attracts performers from across the musical spectrum: jazz, folk, blues, ska, electronic, funk, soul, gospel . . .

There’s a bar here and a pizza kitchen. Band on the Wall is also a learning centre offering music-related courses for all ages and levels of experience.

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