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Arcade Club Bury


Arcade Club Bury is a gamer’s paradise. Set in a former mill, it is a vast celebration of the beat ‘em up, the shoot ‘em up and the platform game. There’s four entire floors of arcade machines, pinball, air hockey and more with a good mix of the latest releases and retro refurbs. This is the biggest arcade in Europe.

You’ll find everything from classics like Donkey Kong and PacMan in all their various iterations to obscure gems and today’s most popular games. But don’t set your heart on defeating M.Bison because ageing arcades are regularly swapped out for some tech TLC.

Entry isn’t cheap, but once inside, all games are free-to-play which makes for a far more streamlined and satisfying experience, particularly if you’re there with teenagers as they don’t need to keep mithering you for financial top-ups.

There’s also a decent cafe and a fully-licensed bar to bring the party atmosphere to Paperboy. It’s family friendly but Friday nights are adults only at the controls.

Arcade Club, Ela Mill, Cork Street, Bury, Manchester BL9 7BW, UK
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