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Northern Quarter

Ciaooo Loaded Garlic Bread


Team GB has a different meaning to the guys who run Ciaooo Loaded Garlic Bread, the takeaway version of the popular Ciaooo Pizza, just round the corner.

It takes garlic bread out of side dish territory and makes it the main event, thanks to light, airy, tearable dough and oozing, indulgent toppings.

We love their ndjua and honey garlic bread (sweet, savoury and spicy, all in one bite), and their mac and cheese loaded GB. There’s also their pizzettes – good value 10-inch pizzas with traditional Italian toppings, and the Ciaooo cult classic, deep fried lasagne. Finish on a sweet Nutella pizza, or an Oreo and ice cream cone.

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There are a few booths at the back where you can eat in but it’s mainly a takeaway place. They’re on Uber Eats and Deliveroo, making them the ultimate comfort food for a night in; just you, your GB and the sofa. Heaven.

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