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Inside DNA VR, Manchester.
Inside DNA VR, Manchester.
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Manchester City Centre



DNA VR is a virtual reality arcade with three different gameplay options. You can communicate with your friends through the VR headsets as you play and it’s all private. You play with your friends, not some randoms. Everything is overseen by your own VR wizard so you don’t succumb to the zombie apocalypse too quickly.

The premium free roaming is the big draw. It’s the most believable and immersive option as you and up to three friends can walk around unplugged. Choose from a free-roaming shoot ‘em up package or a free roaming escape room.

The traditional VR escape rooms (there’s an oxymoron for you) pop players into their own separate booths but you communicate through your headset. The graphics and immersion are next-level compared to fumbling around looking for a code in a small room.

The Ubisoft Escape Rooms take it one better with seriously impressive graphics, fancy-dan virtual weapons and popular brands and characters.

There’s also a VR Arcade where you can try as many of the different games as you fancy within your session. From the dance-mat mega-upgrade of Synth Riders to medieval fantasy and ocean exploration, there is something for everyone with a mix of single player and multiplayer games.

Some of the arcade games are suitable for seven and above but be warned, they can be a bit gory.

DNA VR Manchester, 30 Brown Street, Manchester M2 1DH, UK
Tel: 020 3475 8083 www.dnavr.co.uk/manchester
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