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Rides and attractions at Gulliver's World, a theme park near Warrington
Rides and attractions at Gulliver's World, a theme park near Warrington
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Gulliver’s World


Gulliver’s World is a theme park that’s perfect for smallsters. It has rollercoasters and upside-downy things for tweens but these stomach-churners are vastly outnumbered by gentle planes, water rides, teacups and rollercoasters of the introductory variety.

It’s not just about the rides although that’s the reason everyone goes. There are loads of different play areas, plus mazes and climbing walls, diggers and moonbuggies, and crazy golf too.

The park is divided into different zones like The Lost World with its dinosaur-themed fun and Smuggler’s Wharf with a nautical twist. It is very loosely based on Gulliver’s Travels but you’re more likely to bump into Dennis the Menace than a stray Houyhnhnm.

That’s because Gulliver’s World has a calendar packed with seasonal events, from Bonfire Night fireworks to Christmas lights. And when there’s no date in the calendar to tie a theme too, there are Clangers specials, Beano parties and all sorts of tie-ins with kids TV and books.

You will be frazzled but your kids will love it.

Gulliver's World Theme Park, Shackleton Close, Old Hall, Warrington, UK
Tel: 01925 444 888 www.gulliversfun.co.uk
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